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MaxOwner said:
so honestly.. is it a friend of yours? or is it you?
It would be my friend, although hes not really my friend i just work at the same place with him, he works at customer service and i've talked to him before.. plus i wouldn't be that stupid if i ever do buy one i plan on spending more in gear then i should and lots of practice before street ridding, theres no way im going to take a chance at throwing my money away like that.

And to the 99 a month thing its 0 down. and its only on all new sportbikes or maybe it was jus the GSX-R 600's 750's and 1000's. It on their website. i figured it was a damn good deal. he also said if he pays like 400 in one payment he doesn't have to pay for another 4 6th months or something.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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