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Magic8 said:
well haha yea as a matter of fact but i would atleast practice 1st, but i know a few girls that do, damn are they bad drivers :D . but as a matter of fact when i started learning to drive and my dad asked me if i wanted to go drive on the street not and get out of the parking lot i told him no haha.

but i think that ridding a bike takes far more skill then driving a car does.

it must suck paying for something you didn't get to ride for a full day let alone might ever ride again.
Driving is a life and death activity! We take it for granted but we need to realize that we can affect tons of people every time we crank up any vehicle! Don't wanna get too preachy but I try to remember that when I start getting careless behind the wheel or handle bars.

Damn, I'm getting old!!
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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