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This sounds firmiliar. My buddy i ride with was telling me about his friend. He bought a new '04 gixxer 750 for his first bike. People did warn him not to get it, but he stil did. The same day he bought it, he wrecked it. To make matters worse, he was on his way home to show his parents and thats when he wrecked it. The bike had something like 8 miles on it! I heard the front came up on him and he paniced, and just grabbed a shit load of throttle and put him on his ass. He was ok, only thing i heard was that he didnt have gloves on so his hands were messed up.

I was at that same dealership he bought the bike at with a friend who was lookin for a new bike, we look out the window to find a kid bending over checking out his new 04 gixxer 1000. Then i see a couple guys run over to it....i ask one of the guys who works there what happened. He said that the kid just bought the bike last week, it was his first bike and he just dumped it up the road. A week later i went back to the dealership cause my friend was picking up his new bike, and i seen the same gixxer in the back. Come to find out the kid dumped it again, and now is paying over $1000 to have the bike repaired.

I really think people are just mis-informed. Some are truley morons, but for the most part they are just not well informed.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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