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all i can say is.. lol sucks for him!... people just need to learn that riding a bike is not about buying a brand new bike so u can show it off to ur friends and shit.. i have been racing motocross for 7 yrs. and ive been on a bike with clutch and gears and etc... im used to it.. now i just got me a 2003 GSX 600 ... i am currently taking MSF course and taking it easy on my gixxer... i was riding over to my friend house and showed him my bike and he was like damn its purdy.. he owns a 2002 R6 , completly modified.. fast bike.. well when i arrived at his house, and showed him my bike and his other friends told me to ride wheelies down the street ,.. first thing came to my head, i said "no" cause i just got the bike and im taking it easy on it, i aint gonna pull wheelies on a bike i had for at least 2 days.. lol BS..

when i first got my new gixxer.. i rode it around the neighborhood to get used to the bike and corners and speed and slowing down.. then 2 days later, i took it out on the street and got better at it..

if i were u, if u know u can handle a motorcycle, then get it.. :alky , if u dont know how to a handle a motorcycle then all i gotta say is "good luck"

1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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