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Clutch range

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I really had to get used to the clutch of the FZ6. If I let it go nothing happens until it grips and then the range is very short. It works well for driving fast but in the city and filtering through traffic it's a bit too agressive. I adjusted the clutch cable but it makes the free play larger than it should be.
I wonder if something can be done to make the range a bit larger. Maybe lengthening the lever (that connects to the clutch cable) on top of the clutchcase/gearbox?
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jrevans said:
Now, if I only knew of a solution to the transmission sounding like a harley when I put it into first gear. *CLUNK* It's embarassing.
Check out the 15T front sprocket thread.
Cavi said:
the factory sprocket has some sort of rubbr dampner and the new one does not, the Yamaha dealer said it might make shifting more notchey. I found it to be the opposite, the shifting was smoother, then again ,I might be getting more used to the bike but I think it has more to do with the sprocket
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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