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■Composite protectors certified to EN 1621.1/97 Standard
■D-Skin leather
■S1 fabric
■Cowhide leather
■Inserts in elasticated fabric
■Bi-axial elasticated insert system
■Double calf zip
■Collar with elasticated insert
■Suit to boot fastening system
■Ventilation system in hump with air inlets and ducting
■NanoFeel removable liner
■Replaceable sliders
■Internal pocket
■Protection and Cleaning Kit included
■Oversuit provided
■Composite inserts in elasticated fabric and 2Skin leather
■Astromemory inserts
■Aerodynamic spoiler with air vents

Rare Limited edition suits


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A laser sandwich system creates a sensational visual impact: decorations that bring to mind ancient Samurai patterns are combined with Maori style patterns, a candid design that stands out from the black background of the suit. Craftsmanship and technological innovation merge in a combination adopted by D-Tech to explore unknown roads and create totally unique products.

■Shock protection: Homologated composite protectors.
■Co-injected Steel shoulder.
■Full grain cowhide.
■Kangaroo hide.
■Aerodynamic hump.
■Double zipper at calf.
■Suit-boots fastening system.
■Biaxial elastic inserts.
■Inserts in stretch fabric.
■Elastic insert.
■Temperature adjustment.
■Removable Sanityzed® liner.
■Interchangeable sliders.
■Soft inserts.

DAINESE Valentino 07 Replica Suit

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This is the limited edition Dainese replica racing suit worn by its biggest hero this year as well. The Valentino Pro Replica 07 racing suit is a de-branded version of the suit Valentino wears in the saddle of his M1. Just like in the real racing suit worn by the many-time world champion, in this replica model only the best materials have been used, only the most sophisticated protective solutions have been adopted, and only the latest constructive technologies have been applied: Lightweight and durable Kangaroo skin, thermoformed shoulders with the brand-new and redesigned Titanium anti-grip inserts, two-directional elastic bands on the elbows, and aerodynamic hump all make the Pro Replica 07 racing suit the ideal choice for those in search of the highest levels in protective technology and the emotions that thrill in the heart of a champion.

■lightweight and durable Kangaroo skin
■Composite protectors
■Pocket for Wave T back protector
■Removable Sanytized® lining
■Bi-axial elasticated inserts
■Elasticated inserts
■Titanium inserts
■Aerodynamic spoiler
■Soft inserts
■Replaceable sliders
■Boot-Suit fastening system
■Double calf zip

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