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We are closing out the Oberon Fuel cap.
We have a lot of colors now but we are running out of them.

OBERON Billet Fuel Cap: Ducati/MV/Yamaha
Price: $132.00
Sale: $99.95

Keyless billet aluminum fuel cap kit designed to be a direct replacement and eliminate fuel tank scratches from bunches of keys when refueling.

The center cap has a half-turn thread to lock into place and is available in all of Oberon's anodize colors.

The fuel body is designed to perform as the OEM original with regards to breathing. A hole is present to line up with the original breather location on the tank so you can be sure that you will not experience 'lockup' from a vacuum build-up.

The center cap is fitted with Viton O rings to ensure an airtight seal is achieved with ease.

The main fuel cap kit body is retained to the fuel tank with stainless steel bolts and also comes with a Viton gasket to complete the seal.

The body itself is available in both silver and black anodize to ensure an eye-catching focal point is achieved through neutral contrast.

Both body and cap have been CNC machined from Series 6000 alloy or more commonly known as T6 aluminum for assured quality in both longevity and finish.

A truly worthy replacement part for a low maintenance, high weather resistant component.

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