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Dainese presents the Tattoo suit, which speaks a new language, made up of ancient symbologies and values of warriors from times gone by.

The concept of Tattoo is centred around the art of tattooing, which is given the task of interpreting the style of the modern biker, in the same way that it was called upon to express that of valiant fighters in the past.

A laser sandwich system creates a sensational visual impact: decorations that bring to mind ancient Samurai patterns are combined with Maori style patterns, a candid design that stands out from the black background of the suit. Craftsmanship and technological innovation merge in a combination adopted by D-Tech to explore unknown roads and create totally unique products.

Approved composite protectors and co-injected shoulder for maximum shock protection.

Excellent mechanical, tear-resistant and anti-abrasion performance are guaranteed by the use of kangaroo skin in the laser engraved areas and a double layer of cowhide offers suitable protection in the most stressed areas.

The ergonomics, a must in Dainese products, are the result of in-depth study of the dynamics of movements, patented biaxial elasticated parts work in synergy with the elasticated inserts on elbows and knees and the elasticated fabric inserts in the joint areas to offer Tattoo Ykz P maximum standards of comfort.

Removable Sanitized® lining and soft inserts complete the comfort features, while the addition of aerodynamic spoiler and replaceable sliders enhance the suit's aerodynamic and riding performance.
■Shock protection: Homologated composite protectors.
■Co-injected Steel shoulder.
■Full grain cowhide.
■Kangaroo hide.
■Aerodynamic hump.
■Double zipper at calf.
■Suit-boots fastening system.
■Biaxial elastic inserts.
■Inserts in stretch fabric.
■Elastic insert.
■Temperature adjustment.
■Removable Sanityzed® liner.
■Interchangeable sliders.
■Soft inserts.

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