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Almost took one in the ass today. I was riding north of Lincoln through Raymond and pulled up to the stop sign just west of Raymond. I waited for 4 closely grouped cars and then took off behind them everyone heading towards Valpraiso. About 3 miles down the road, they all turned their blinkers on to turn left onto a gravel road (must have been going to the same place). I slowed down and by habit, moved over to the right (so traffic behind me can see the blinkers) and keep a bit of distance between me and the cars.

Three cars were able to turn immediately and 1 had to wait for an oncoming car. I checked my mirrors and see this Merc Cougar not slowing down. I pull over to the right completely off the highway and onto the gravel road.

Then all at the same time, the last car turned left, the damn Cougar whizzed between the turning car and me. A car behind the Cougar was trying to go around all of us and had to slam on the brakes. What a bunch of DF's! :mad: :eek:

I sped up to catch the Cougar to show him a finger that he's number 1 in my book. :mad:

Moral of the story, check your mirrors and always have an escape route.
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