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Ok, I would like to put a few simple rules into place for this section in the hopes to make it easier to use, and to keep things a little cleaner.

1. Absolutely no commercial advertising in this section. Any commercial advertising posts/threads will be deleted immediately.

2. All posts, whether for a bike, part, for sale, want to buy, anything, must have the part/Bike Make-Model, and year(s) it's for.

3. All for sale posts must start with FS:
for example FS: 99-02 Ohlins Steering Damper for R6

4. All for sale posts must have an asking price. This to keep this section from turning into an auction site. That's what Ebay is for, take the auctions there. If you want to make an offer, PM the seller. Posts in a for sale thread should be to ask questions about the product, and to claim that you're buying it. If the seller does not post a price, the thread will be deleted. Obviously it's up to the seller to sell it for whatever they want, but handle that and all selling terms through PM or email.

5. Once and item has sold, please change the title of the thread to sold so that it can be deleted. We need to keep the section clean, and try to have only active threads going.

6. All want to buy or want to trade posts must start with their respective abbreviation. Such as WTB: or WTT:

7. All thread titles should also include a location, making it easier for people browsing through the forum.

8. Only bikes or bike related parts may be sold on this forum.

These are just a few rules to keep things going smoothly and cleanly. Please let me know if there is any questions or if you have better ideas.

Also, if you find you have a problem with any buyer and/or seller, please alert me so that we can look into it.

I do adivse to use a middle-man site such as when dealing with larger amounts or products such as a bike.

Any comments/suggestions are always welcome. Thank You...
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