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Hey everyone,

On my 1987 CBR600 F1, when I have the clutch engaged, there is a constant 'slight' clunk clunk clunk clunk noise. It's very faint, but still noticable. It originates from somewhere under the seat(vague I know). When the rpms stay high, 8k+, the clunk seems to stop, but I'm not sure if the clunk just got really high pitched and fast to the point of being unnoticable.

However, when I am rolling and I pull the clutch out, the clunk stops.

The bike has never popped out of gear, and every gear runs perfectly normal...or so it seems.

When I slip the clutch into first from a standing start, there are no issues.

Anyone got any idea what this might be?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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