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So I got a ton of calls from friends last night wanting to make sure I was still alive. There was a motorcycle accident last night right at exit 6 on S I-75 in Cincinnati. This just happens to be my exit.

The local tv station has published this:

The northbound lanes of I-75 at the Mitchell Avenue exit near St. Bernard have been re-opened after they were closed for nearly two hours Wednesday night.

The lanes were shut down around 8:00 p.m. Wednesday after police reported an accident north of the exit with injuries involving a motorcycle.

Police now say the accident was fatal.

Police have not released details of what happened or the victim's name.

I actually saw it on the news this morning. They said the motorcycle rider hit some debree in the road and went down. A Semi then ran him over. He made it to the hospital, but then later died. He was riding a black yamaha. From what was left of the bike it looked maybe like an R6.
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