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Hey guys! You may have heard something about Racing 2 Save Lives, not only will you be helping children's charities, but you also get SMOKING deals on trackdays!!!

Here's how it's gonna work at VIR, August 14th-17th:

The price per session is based on how many sessions and days you sign up for. The more you ride, the cheaper the cost. You may sign up for any sessions or days you like, and you can add/change sessions at the event registration desk.

Online Special: Sign up online for every regular session every day at VIR, pay only $450!

Remember, any online pre-registration saves you $25 over registering at the track, no matter how many sessions you choose.

For your first day of riding, one session is $75, two sessions are $115, and three sessions are $145.

For two days, one session is $70, two are $110, and three sessions are $140.

For three days, one session is $65, two are $105, and three sessions are $135.

For four days of riding, one session is $60, and two are $100. VIR pricing is $5 less per day!

There is a signup for one Full-Track session at each event, priced differently than the other regular sessions.

By signing up for the Full Course sessions online, you save $25!

Virginia Int'l Raceway Event Signup:
VIR will run the South course for all regular sessions.
Wednesday Full Course is $100 if you sign up for it online.

Tue 8/14, Wed 8/15, Thu 8/16, Fri 8/17

Wed 8:30am-11:30am - FULL Track Only

Need yet another reason to come? Your track time fees are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!!!

Go to to pre-register!
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