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changing idle, changes throttle response??

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If you are adjusting the idle on your bike lower would that change the throttle response?

Because after bringing my bike in for its first tune up it doesn't feel as fast as before, if that makes any sence.

He didn't do much to the bike so maybe its just my imagination.
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i know i'm bringing this back from the dead but I have the same question. On my bike, when the idle is low, it's choppy from On/off unless i turn the idle up. It's kinda like a big whoosh of air whenever i ease on a low idle. But if it's higher, the transition is smoother.
If the idle on a v-twin is set too low, the off-idle throttle response will be "lumpy". If the idle on any bike is set really high (too high), you always start out off-idle compared to a normal idle setting. This gets you heading into the power band (v-twin or parallel twin of OP) sooner.

I think the best solution is to set the idle where your manual says it should be and raise the rpms with the throttle before letting out the clutch when you need a faster launch.
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