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Change ignition key?

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Hey guys I have a quick question I am going to be buying a bike from a guy that I found on craigslist and everything is good. I just had a question or concern I guess.

I have read alot of stories on here and other forums about bikes being stolen. I was wondering if it would be worth the extra money to get the ignition re-keyed once I bought the bike and if so around how much do you think it would cost. I am going to have the bike garaged when at home but I dont know if I am just being to paranoid or if this would be a good idea.

Any input?
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That's kinda paranoid, but if it makes you feel better go for it. The age of the bike will determine the availability and price.

Make sure you buy the break-off bolts or whatever the mfr. used for anti-removal. Use a left-handed bit for drilling out the old ones.
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