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Hardy said:
Perfect! Is it expensive to have done?
I guess I should have listed that too!

I inquired for my last bike, that having a single cylinder pipe, done all the way to the cat, if I recall it was $80 assuming the pipe was new and didnt need to be stripped of chrome or chemically prepared, which was an additional $25-$30 I believe. I bought this bike mid-February and was going to have it done before the riding season began, but was woried about potential problems with the warranty should there have been something wrong with the bike from the factory, I wanted to get some miles on it before I sent the pipe in.

Turn around was quick, something like 3-5 days and they could speed that up if needed. Now that you mention it, I think I will order some new exhaust gaskets next week. When they arrive, I may pull the headers and cat eliminator pipe off and ship them out to be done. You have inspired me.....

I sent them an email for a price quote, I will post what I find.

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j080808 said:
I will be doing in the polished aluminum this fall, they have black as well.
Here is some infor for everybody about this:

Thank you for your interest in HPC. The cost to coat most 4-1 motorcycle headers inside and out up to the slip-on with our HiPerCoat® polished aluminum finish is $185.00, outside only is $140.00. If needed we can also coat the slip-on (as long as it is not carbon fiber) or just the inlet and outlet of the slip-on. The cost to coat the slip-on or just the inlet and end cap to match the pipe is $35.00 - $40.00 for each muffler. Colors other than polished aluminum such as semi-gloss black and gray, flat blue, green, and red add $56.00 to the header and $12.00 to the muffler(s).

Used or chromed headers will be chemically, thermally and mechanically stripped before a final preparation blasting is done for coating. We do charge $20.00 - $35.00 for this service. HPC guarantees against rust and corrosion for as long as you own the coated header, regardless of whether the parts are new or used.

Send a copy of this Email and the processing form from our home page link with your header. The addresses to our U.S. plants are at the top of the form. Send in your parts via UPS. Ground service is inexpensive and guaranteed. You can find the nearest UPS shipping location at UPS's website

Processing time is usually 5 - 10 business days this time of year and expedites can be arranged if necessary. You will want to contact the Operations Manager at the facility you send your parts to for expedite information and pricing.

For payment we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover for credit cards and cashiers checks. money orders, business checks, and personal checks for COD (personal and business checks will be approved with Telecheck).

Email or call us at 800-456-4721 with any other questions you may have.

Best regards,

Cory Ure
High Performance Coatings, Inc.
Rebel Rods, L.L.C.
14788 S. Heritagecrest Way
Bluffdale, Utah 84065
Toll Free (800) 456-4721
[email protected]
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