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CBR600 F4I help!!

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Do you guys think an 01 CBR600 F4I with 14k miles and a cracked front fairing for 3500 is a good deal?>....he said he replaced the chaina dn clutch at 10k miles and bled the brakes just recently...let me knwo what u guys new to the sportbike world so help me out if u can....
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Have someone look at it, but it seems like a pretty good deal considering its summer.
bad first bike

get training
might be a bad first bike, but good deal on it though. sounds like he was harsh on the clutch, rode it hard. might want to check other things like wheel and steering bearings, brake pads, fork seals. then again, some people just don't know how to ride. but that seems kinda early for a clutch.
Welcome to the site. The price sounds decent to me. Check it over real good.

What happened to crack the fairing,
he laid it down goin 15mph.....some lady cut him off....he told me he uses it to do stunts...but never dropped it only that time the lady cut him off....i already took the motor saftey class and i have ridden a couple times on a honda shadow 750cc before i took the yous guys still think i should start with a 500 or 250? or should i just grab up this deal? im going to go take a look at it afetr work freind is a mechanic and is gonna take a look and ride it to make sure ervything is perfect....but i talk tot he seller on the phone and he told me he replaced alot of the parts to brand new.....thanks for all the input....honest opinions would be appreciated...if you think im crazy for gettin a sportbiek right away just tell me and i will take it into consideration....thanks again guys
so the bike is more then likely to be in bad condition.....thanks for the link...good site....i have read this site before somewhere when i was researching on bikes a couple months ago...
Would personally never buy a stunt bike. Bike has probably been beat to death. Sorta like buying a used rental car. You know those have been abused. I sold my F4i 02, with 4k miles on it for 5k, no stunts, just some scraped fairings
I agree with Rascus. For what it's worth, I wouldn't spend a dime on a bike that was used for stunting. It's a newer bike but it sounds like it's really been beat on.
I would hold off if he used the bike for stunting and if it's going to be your first bike.
for 3500 there are plenty of great bikes that haven't been abused out there with low miles, I'd keep looking personally.
thats a great bike for the price...but since it was used for stunting i would definately have it checked other ? are u also the same nic on the lexus forums...
RACER X said:
bad first bike

get training

+1.................... what is it with ppl not starting small? ego getting in the way? The thing is, you go down, your gonna hurt more then your ego... think about it
Well. I just bought my f4i a month ago. 01 10k miles. Micron Exhaust. Not a scratch on it. ( Hard to believe but true). for 5k. Had to put on new tires, thats it. Im happy with it !

Maybe I did pay a lil more than what its worth, but I really liked the bike.
japbike said:
+1.................... what is it with ppl not starting small? ego getting in the way? The thing is, you go down, your gonna hurt more then your ego... think about it

i alrady took the course.....and have ridden before....iw ould not just jump right inot a 600 without any expereince....i took teh biek for a test ride today and it was actually in really good condition the clutch grabbed good and engine was really smooth...just some cosmetic damage....
Well, for a stunted bike I wouldn't even ride the thing, let alone consider buying it. Sportbikes are like jets, there is little to no tolerence of critical parts that fail at speed. Simply having a peg come loose or having the throttle stick a little could kill you when you're going at a good pace. Frame or suspension damage, engine malfunction, frozen brakes or damaged tires offer a much more grim scenario even. The body is a temple and so is the bike that carries it.

However, I bought my F4i from an older guy that simply wasn't a good rider, who had tipped it over twice (once at around 15 MPH and once at 5 MPH) leaving minor cosmetic damage that he did not try to cover up. The bike was a year old, had 1,500 miles on it, and was only $5,000. In this situation - seeing the bike first-hand and riding before buying - the bike was a really good purchase as it was essentially brand new off of the showroom floor but with some scuffed plastic, a hairline fairing crack, and a broken mirror. I fixed the minor problems and nitpicked over the bike myself, leaving me with essentially a new F4i with lots of higher spec aftermarket bits for under $6,000.

How is a stunted bike different? With 14k miles of abuse (or even 3k per se), who knows what lies beneath the paint or the metal casing. The frame could be twisted, the wheels could have oddities, the tranny could be on the verge and the suspension could be nearly shot. Aluminum does weaken over time of use (like with a bicycle frame) and so there's no telling of what point the frame is at, or anything else. While it's very unlikely that anything would really break cleanly, the deterioration could lead to a fatal malfunction. Stunting is probably the best way to rapidly deteriorate a sportbike. Think of it this way: for $3,500 you could probably find a good SV650, a really nice Ninja 250/500 or even an excellent condition CBR600 F2 or F3. Be patient.

**As an added bit of humor, the older guy that was a terrible rider that I bought my bike from was selling the bike because he was scared of it and said that he was going to buy a new Harley VROD to replace it! Hmm, yes a bike that has a more powerful engine yet doesn't handle nearly as well is a wonderful choice. That's like buying a muscle car because your Porsche scares you.
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japbike said:
+1.................... what is it with ppl not starting small? ego getting in the way? The thing is, you go down, your gonna hurt more then your ego... think about it
Also, what is it with people always thinking that you have to constantly move up in displacement over time? I wish the bike manufacturers would offer top quality on smaller bikes and not just the Superbikes. I guess atleast Aprilia has done this with their RS GP replicas. But who wants to ride a 2-stroke around?
I wouldn't get it because it was stunted as about everyone has mentioned. Besides, if you look hard and be patient you can get good deals. I just got an '03 F4i today for $5250. Just be patient, I was looking for 2 1/2 months
Stunted bike is worse than an used rental car. You don't know for sure how much the rental was abused, but in the case of the stunted bike, you know it was abused and badly.

Even if it sounds like a steal, the guys at the motorcycle shop would love you to help pay for their mortgages.
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