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CBR 929rr $5000

Okay folks, I'm selling my street ride. 2000 CBR929rr with about 19000 miles. Yellow and black, well maintained, some scuffs and scratches from tucking the front and sliding into a ditch last summer (low-speed).
List of mods/stuff:
Akrapovic Evolution full-titanium exhaust with ti-can
Power Commander PCIIIr
Ram air ducts from Hard Racing
Flapper removed from airbox
Galfer steel brake lines front and rear
Galfer green pads
Forks built by Traxxion
AWS carbon fiber hugger
520 chain and sprockets (stock # front and down 1 front)
Undertail with LED lights
Targa seat cowl
Ivrie frame sliders
Tinted windscreen
Titanium exhaust can bracket
license plate relocated with extra exhaust bracket
brand new set of Pirelli Diablo tires mounted

passenger seat and pegs
stock sprockets
New Pirelli Diablo rear tire

This bike has a clear title, I'm the second owner (first was a salesman at the dealership). Runs great, well maintained (oil, coolant, plugs, filters all checked and changed at regular intervals. chain, cables, and bearings always lubed)

Now asking $5000 !!!

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TN94Z, not really looking for another car, (have 3 now). Really looking for a smaller bike that's closer to what I race.

Guys, I should have some picks up tomorrow. I know, I suck at the internet!

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I'll give you a 03 red 636 with soem light damage. Its like new besides the scrapes and has about 1000 miles. The original rear tire still has the nubs on it. It has ny salvage paperwork but would make a great track or street bike. Let me know and i'll get you some pics. Thanks alot.
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