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The Topeka Sport Riders ( ) is making the Cassody, Ks run this
Sunday. If you've never been to Cassody, it's an every-first-Sunday-of-the-month gathering of
motorcycles that happens in a rinky dink little town halfway between here and Wichita. Typically
it is bombarded with all sorts of bikes, and is not (REPEAT NOT) a Harley-show. They have had
true race bikes there, custom one-off sportbikes, oddities (like the Ducati MH900, Senna's, Aprilia
MV 1000 R's, R7's, etc) plus tons of custom stuff. The Topeka gang used to go down on I35, then
come back on a series of high-speed twisty backroads through Council Grove, but now they
go down on twisties and come back on twisties. Typically, it's a half-day event, starting off
very early (around 8am launch time), arrive there around 10, eat breakfast, walk around the
town looking at bikes (they typically fill most of the roadways with bikes...main street is 3 rows
wide with bikes, side streets have bikes parked all the way down them) then head back around
noon, stopping in Council Grove for lunch, typically back home around 1 or 2pm (so you can
salvage part of a Sunday).

If anyone's interested in going, but doesnt' want to get up that early to go, I'll donate the spare
bedroom and as much floor space as anyone would ever need, plus a garage for Sat night. Check for the details.

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still debating man. i wanna go so you can show your work around but fuck me thats damn early. i think the only times ive gotten up that early in the last 3yrs were for trackdays or the arkansas runs...

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i wouldnt mind going, but i work till 11 the night before and usally takes a few hours for me to wind down.
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