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carb problems

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1997 suzuki rf 900 carb problems

ive got a 1997 suzuki rf900. when the bike ran it would idle low or it would idle high. when i got on the throttle it would bog down. This was about 6 months ago. when i decided that it would probably need some money to get running i drained the full tank and plug the lines going from the fuel tank to the motor, this was the beggining of its six months of none running storage. someone mentioned that the carbs may have needed to be synced, but that doesnt make any sense to me because there preset from the factory and unless you take the bike apart they should be fine. i tried to start it yesterday, i connected the lines and filled it with fresh gas and all it does is crank, its got compression, but it doesnt start. what should i do?
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one Q from me. what if he only drain the fuel from float chamber by removing drain screw which is in the bottom? so after that fresh gas will come in the chamber.
second thing how about cleaning the plugs. coz the bad fuel and liquid fuel might screw up the conductivity??? because bad fuel will not burn for sure but it might stick to plugs. After that just incase if the bikes starts and later on he can use carb cleaning liquid so that won't hamper synch...
Old gas forms varnish and solid deposits inside the small passages and jet orifices of a carb. Draining the old gas won't remove those deposits.

The plugs may well be fouled, but instead of cleaning them it's best to get new ones.
ahhhh! ok i got it...
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