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yello250 said:
Mothers Products are great, so are Meguiars (prefered).
I agree with the Meguiars statement. They used to be solely a professional product line only until they expanded and were able to mass market it. I also agree with not letting it air dry. A good non-abrasive drying towel works best and with a little extra effort, use a chamois. I also keep old cotten towels around to take care of the hidden spots, eg. inside the doors, trunk, engine bay, etc, so that you don't have water coming out of spots after taking it for a "test drive" (and showing it off).

The windows are always prone to spotting when air drying and I get around that by drying them 1st with a cotten towel or chamois and then using a good glass cleaner (generally not windex but a foaming one) and then follow up with a good coating of rain-ex on all the glass (after the entire car is dry) Also make sure you clean the inside of all the glass as well because no matter how clean you get the outside and how clean you THINK the inside is, it won't really have that "sparkle" unless you do it all. Some people also use crumpled up newspapers to wipe the windows with. Sounds kind of crazy, but the reason being is that they are almost completely lint free (depending on the paper) and really do a nice job. I have used newspaper myself when cleaning them and also when preparing windows for tinting and it worked great.
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