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car question, power steering rack going bad

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so i drive a 12 yo BMW 328i with 175k miles on it and lately the steering has been groaning and getting funky feeling when making quick tight turns. it does consume a little fluid, but nothing excessive for a 12 year old car.

I'm thinking it is the rack, but could it be the pump? i don't really want to just throw parts at. and have no experience diagnosing a bad rack. (but i know a good one when i see it :D)

a little back ground, i bought the car in 2001 with 60k on it and have beaten it without mercy since, including three years of autocross in two different series. the car still has it's original tie rods, rack and pump. and the set up is typical rack and pinion w/ mac. struts.

with winter coming soon i need to get this fixed, the noise takes the fun out of powerslides and dough-nuts :eek:nfloor
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I'm not an expert, but my guess would be the pump. You say it's worse on quick sharp turns, leading me to believe the pump can't keep up.
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