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I have a full muzzy stainelss system on my bike. When I layed it down, I scratched my can a bit. I'd like to replace the can with a CF oval or a titanium oval, would it fit? How do I find out? Do the CF and titanium get a different sound than the SS?

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If you have the full Muzzy stainless headers, I do not see why the other cans wouldn't fit. Muzzy's doesn't make different headers to match the pipes; that wouldn't make any sense.

As for sound, I think they do sound a bit different between canisters. I had a Muzzy SS one for my ZX-6. I have a carbon fiber one on my ZX-7R. I can hear a difference on them. How much of a difference? Probably neglible.

If you have any doubts about pipe fitment, call Muzzy's and ask them.

PS: How bad is the scratch on your SS pipe? Have you tried to take the scratches out? I believe is you use fine grit steel wool it will take mild scratches out.

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