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Tallahassee Carnival Committee has approached me and a friend about having our bikes and as many bikers as possible commit to being a part of the carnival PARADE Saturday August 20th!

Must be willing to show up at the beginning of the route at 7am sharp! If you have your country's flag or some outfit in your flag colors and want to put it on the bike or on your person, feel free to do so.

I need to know who WILL do it (as in say yes, keep in touch, and show UP).

You could be in Jacksonville, Pensacola, Tallahassee, doesn't matter, if you have a bike and you are willing to ride it in the parade with the rest of us, bring it on.

If you are going to do it, you have until maybe next Wednesday to get the following information to me by private message, by post in this thread, or by email, which is my screen name here, @ (if you email mention sbn or carnival bikes in the subject name so i don't treat you like spam :D ) :

Your name or bike rider name
Your age
Your bike (full bike name please, don't say cbr, say Honda CBR 900rr)
Number where you can be reached!
Email address that you check often

This information will be used only for the purpose of participating in the parade, after carnival, I will clear the info so you can have your privacy back.

You have to be willing to be somewhere in downtown tallahassee saturday morning by 7am!

Let me know something asap! Tell your friends. And even if they don't make up their minds by next wednesday, they can still show up parade day and help fill out the ranks! Not limited to ANY type of bike, although I will most likely have each type of bike ride with it's own type, just for effect, instead of with their friends (ie all hondas, all yamahas, all harleys, all boss hoss, or if not enough of each, all sportbikes, all cruisers, all choppers, whatever looks good out there).

If you have never been to a carnival, picture mardi gras, but without the scary masks, everything is fun and color and noise and partying and music. Parade route is not a speed type of thing, although if anyone wants to do wheelies or whatever I'll see about getting us PLENTY space between us and the next group.

Thanks in advance.
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