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Brewery Tour - Saturday @ 2:00? (!!!)

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In light of our last Brewery Tour "Misfire" - I'd like to schedule another...

My friend Linsay - the dude from Appleton, with the crazy stories of him on a GPZ-550 - will be coming to town this weekend. I was thinking of hitting up the 2:00 Lakefront Brewery tour (last 3 times, the 3:00 has been sold out) - followed promptly by lots of drinking on the east side.

Johnny LeConte will be joining us about 6:00. Anyone else up for the usual Brewery once over? Sarah? Malik? Andy? Joe? CJ? Anoyne? Post up!
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Me? Up for drinking? Why thank you, I just might have to participate :)

Moses said:
I'm out for tomorrow. I've gotta figure out why the float is sticking on the :fiddy

...and the last time I went to the tour "with you guys" you were all late and I went on the tour by myself :twofinger
Did you or did you not get to drink with us after the tour was over? Hmmm?
I think we had a quite a round of drinking after, including eating an excellent Nessun Dorma dinner and watching planes crash. Good times. :beer
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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