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Which Brake pads would you recommend

Brake Pads

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Ok, looking for new brake pads for front (R6 fork mod) & rear. I've been using EBC HH pads but have been considering giving Carbone Lorraine a try (maybe the SBK3 they have). Anyone use these at all?? I like my pads, especially the front, to have good bite as soon as the brakes are applied. For me having the bite come on a little bit after the brakes are applied would prob make me put too much pressure on the lever and end up locking the tire.
On top of it all I want pad that'll last more then a month as well.
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Parts Unlimited by SBS. They were $63.00 from the local dealership and they were in stock. I have the sintered HH model for the R6 brakes. No complaints.
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