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hey guys, i have always been on the kawasaki message board, but now i bought a honda f4 1999, it is going to be my track/race bike for the next season, anyway i was wondering what are the best mod to get the bike on the track, i am going to get a race body, safty wire.
now i want to now what should i do next
clip on
520 (what gears should i get)
rear shock.
i do not care about the power (for now), because if i want a faster bike i would bought a salvage 2005 bike. so all i care about is the handling. i want to ride this bike hard and gain more experince on the track. which one on these mods should come first, is there any cheap (do it your self) mod i should do. i bought a f4 so i could send all my money on track days a race the way would a f4i race body fit my bike with out alot of mods???
thanks for all the help.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts