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Born again and back on the road

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Figured I would post here since I feel like a newbie all over again. I haven't ridden in a few years, I used to own an R6 and even did a couple track days on it.

Boy how the times have changed, I stopped riding after a big highside. I think my confidence is shot because thats the last memory I have of riding a ton (cruised around after that on other peoples bikes, but nothing to hardcore) I purposely went after an RVF400 this time around so I could develop my skills better, and because i have lusted after one for years.

Yesterday was the first ride and I have to say, I feel like a rookie all over again. I was running wide on all the sharp corners because I don't trust the bike anymore. I went looking around for a good parking lot to practice, but the only one I could find was at a new strip mall that is under construction, it had a lot of gravel and dirt everywhere so it wasn't exactly confidence inspiring.

Anyhow, I feel the buzz coming back, my clutchwork was a lot better than I thought it would be, and I never felt a danger to traffic. I wish I had never stopped riding! Heading out again with some tennis balls in another hour or so, been looking on google maps for a good parking lot nearby so I can set up a little course and practice general control and flicking the bike around, plus leaning off and counter-steering.
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sweet man! glad to have you back.
get some pics of that bike ASAP!
Good to be home!

Does anyone know where to get another set of OEM panels? Or track plastics? I cringe thinking of the inevitable five mph drop where I scratch these and would really like another set if possible
nice looking bike you got there. The only thing I would suggest about looking for plastics would be to not only hit up ebay, but google for any specific rvf forums for potentials.
Found some in europe that are OEM and brand new with decals attached. Now I feel a lot safer. Not a bad price on them either, about the same as the knockoffs I was finding.

I'm digging the Tyga kit for it, but by the time it gets here its much more than OEM and I still have to paint it.
Cool little bike, the RVF, I've really admired them for a while and have thought about getting one, from time to time. You were lucky to find one in the USA.
Sweet bike.

There's one in the race shop that the owner is turning into a RCV replica.

Also, try taking the MSF course for a refresher. It'll do you good.

Ride safe.
welcome back to riding.

I'm jealous of the bike as I've wanted a NC35 for years now.
Signed up for an expereinced riders class, but its not for a month. In the meantime I'm just working back into it. Slow speed manouvers are still a bit of a problem, and of course confidence in leaning it in high speed corners. But at least I'm safe enough just tooling around.

Still can't find a good, big parking lot around me. They all have speed bumps or tree's in the middle of them. Or simply have cars in them all weekend. Best ones I can think of are 30 miles away. I need to practice panic breaking, just so I know what I can do.
i always found high school parking lots to be large enough to practice in. During the summer they are basically fully empty with the exception of a few cars parked there to use the sport facilities.
Yeah, I have been looking or some good ones. For some reason the ones in my area all have big speed bumps, or are the kind with concrete walkways going down the middle. The best ones I can think of nearby are also being used by the MSF classes every weekend right now. I'm in outside sales, so I drive around town all day, been scouting out potential ones that are larger so I can practice cornering at a little bit higher speeds.
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