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What does everyone use for race bodywork, and why did you choose it?
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There are tons of choices out there.

GP composites

Most people go fo rthe best fit for the money. My pic for the best bang for the buck now is Rennsport . It is made bt racers and is very light and flexable. It crashes well and is easy to repair. The big thing is that it is realtively cheap, about $550 for a full set.
Price will only get you so far though. I know alot of fellow racers that went the Hotbodies route last year because it was cheap, but once they tries to mount it they bought something else. If it is inexpensive and mounts well it will sell. Being able to stand up to a crash well is secondary (atleast to me) because if it is cheap then I will just replace it.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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