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Hello to one and all! Welcome to SBN's new and improved Blog Section. I think you will find that many changes have taken place in the last few days and hopefully everyone who hasn't been using this section of our wonderful website as free advertising space with which to shill bullshit products to our members will be pleased.

So, what have I done? Deleted more than half of the posts to this section.

Why did I do it? First and foremost because no one wants to wade through a ton of ads for knock-off "Coach" bags and fake Rolex watches to read the insightful articles created by our members. Second, because sponsors pay good money to keep this site afloat and allowing anyone to post spam anywhere on the site cheats them.

What else got deleted? I also deleted a bunch of "discussion posts."

Why? Because Blogs aren't forums. If you need help, want to advertise the bike you are selling or just want to find a riding partner, feel free to use the forums!

So, now what? Now I would like you, the good members of SBN, to feel free to add quality content. Want to know what that is? Take a look at what is here - stories about life, love, riding, driving etc. That's what we are seeking and that is what we are hoping you will post up. Your experiences are interesting so tell us about how it is with you and we will love you for it!

If you had something in here that got deleted, consider it an accident (unless you were a spammer) and feel free to start over. I'm sorry if I have offended you.

But everyone should be on notice from this day forward. The Blog section will be heavily moderated - post up crap and I will delete it. Test me and I will delete you.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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