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JLAUDIO29 said:
wow its just not fricken working... im at wits end with this crap i should be able to do it with out that vac crap i just dont understand this... ive done it on cars before.. what is going on with this crap

Have to bleed the Master Cylinder....

Pump...Loosen Banjos...let air out...retighted...etc...just like normal Bleeding...

I had the same problem on an R1...2.5 hours...

I went to Autozone and got their version of the Mityvac for $25 (they called it a brake bleeding tool) and I was getting pressure within 5 minutes of Mityvacing.

This was the first Master Cyl. that I had ever really tested my nerves because I couldn't understand why I never got pressure at the lever...

good luck!
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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