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can never no

this is what i do
i paint everything but i work alot with bikes and custom
graphics and all i can tell you is it matters
i have done so many paint themes and graphics on bikes that
you can never tell what it could cost i have done
paint jobs with great graphics for 200 bucks flat out
and i have done bikes with 50 to 60 hours of airbrush work that have worth up from 4,000 to 7,000
but it all depends on what you have in mind

but i have always thought that if you love riding then the paints helps
the bike it gives it a soul
and if its done right its doesnt get better than what it is
so get it painted in the way you think it wants to look like

and if you have some real graphic work you wanna see about gettin done
email me
[email protected]

josh aka sketch,

Master airbrush and tattoo artist
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