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I'm getting tired of the dorky decals and ugly paint scheme on my 500...and I've been considering, at some point, painting it. Just because I love the bike so much...I can see myself keeping it for a while.

I'd be painting the lower fairing, both rears, the front fairing, and the gas tank...probably going to a solid, high-gloss black. No decals, badging, graphics, or anything.

How much do you think I should expect to pay? And I'm not talking a Maaco job here....this would include removing the old paint, prepping, clearcoating, etc.

Just curious...thanks guys.

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paint prices

I do this stuff on a regular bassis. The easiest way to get a good job at a good price is to take most of the labor out of the equation. Remove the decals from everything but the gas tank (tank decals are usually under the clear coat on tanks) wash the insides of the body work with comet and a scotch-brite sponge until clean and dull and hand sand the body work with 400 grit WET untill all the paint is dull. You dont want the paint completely off as the old paint is what the new paint sticks to unless you want to pay someone extra for priming sanding the body work again. The tank will need the decals buzzed off then spot priming so dont worry about it. The next suggestion is if you are confident, tell them to put a little extra clear on it and then you will "cut and buff" the paint yourself. This entails some patience and you will start with 1500 grit until the orange peel is gone then go over that with 2000 grit. Then buff with a fine rubbing compound and then again with a glaze. If you do this you need to be careful about corners and edges and not break through the clear or you will need to repaint it. You cannot spot clear with out someone noticing.

Make sure that who ever does the paint knows how to paint bikes as there are a lot of corners and edges that car painters dont realize and will not get enough paint in those areas. That will ruin an otherwise great paint job. If my shop got an ex500 set in that was 80% prepped I would charge $600 for one color and a bunch of clear. Paint is really expensive reds can go for $200 a quart and a bike will use a pint of primer a pint or so of color and almost a quart of clear.

Hope that helps you. :)

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can never no

this is what i do
i paint everything but i work alot with bikes and custom
graphics and all i can tell you is it matters
i have done so many paint themes and graphics on bikes that
you can never tell what it could cost i have done
paint jobs with great graphics for 200 bucks flat out
and i have done bikes with 50 to 60 hours of airbrush work that have worth up from 4,000 to 7,000
but it all depends on what you have in mind

but i have always thought that if you love riding then the paints helps
the bike it gives it a soul
and if its done right its doesnt get better than what it is
so get it painted in the way you think it wants to look like

and if you have some real graphic work you wanna see about gettin done
email me
[email protected]

josh aka sketch,

Master airbrush and tattoo artist
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