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ok so I come from a world of experience with car maintenance...I know the basic outline.

change oil at 5k
change fuel and air filter at 20-30K
timing belt at 100K
brakes check them every bit..
tune up at 60k

etc, etc

I am wondering is there a guideline to follow when dealing with motorcycle maintenance? just a general basic outline?

I know my friends talk about tightening chains, changing chains, I am picking up my bike this week, and I know nothing about this :(

I just don't want to wait t'il things break to change them, I want to stay on top of things...any info appriciated..

oh ya one more thing, the 'manual's people talk about, what is recommended? I know for cars, there's helms, haynes, etc, etc.


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You will want to get a rear (wheel) stand to simplify chain maintainance. With a little imagination you can get the wheel up with jackstands or something if you can't get a stand.
A decent socket set (metric).Craftsman will do.
A decent combination wrench set (metric). Craftsman will do.
Service manual.
A decent 3/8 drive torque wrench. Craftsman will do.
A decent metric Allen Wrench set. Craftsman will do.
A sparkplug socket that fits your plugs.
An oil filter wrench, the "strap wrench" type is the most versatile, fits any filter, fits in any tight spot.
A good quality 12-14" adjustable wrench for your axle nut.
A good plier set. 1 needle nose, 1 channel lock, 1 vicegrip
A "non marring" mallet
A set of feeler guages
Screwdriver set- sm/med/lg Phillips, sm/med/lg flathead, 1 stubby of each.

That should do ya for now, you'll pick up more stuff as you go along. (punches, pullers, allen sockets, files, clamps, drills, gadgets, scrapers, bearing packers, more wrenches, sockets, etc...)
Have fun :cool:

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Bike maintanence is much more common than car maintanence. If something goes on a car, in general, you can coast to the side of the road. On a bike, if anything goes, its going to be a vital thing.

With that being said, give a good lookover of your bike every week. Some say every time you ride, and thats not bed advise either, but if also getting on the side of obsessive.

Anywho, brake fluid should be changed every season. its only $3 for a pint and that will last you for 2 flushes. You dont want to skip out on something so simple as changing your brake fluid.

Also, change your plugs every season, just like a tune up on a car. Typically wires dont need to be changed, so you should be fine with those unless you are getting any strange ignition problems and its not your plugs, but even then it would probably be a bad coil. The wires seem to never need replacing (at least I never hear anyone asking where to find them, or how much they cost).

Oil should be done every 2000-3000 miles. There are a lot of threads about oil on any of the motorcycle forums, not to mention just doing a google search. So search some of that up. I would recommend using the factory oil filter, bit others say you can do fine with a Fram, but I dont trust Fram from my car experiences with them. Dont forget to check out your oil level all the time. My FZR for some reason got low on oil after like 1500 miles (no leaks and it doesnt have bad rings), but I figure it is from running her pretty hard, and having her go on the the dyno. But anyways, just check it out.

Chain chould be checked out every 300 miles and lubed up. If it needs to be cleaned, clean it. Its just easier to maintain if everything is clean. You can get a good idea of the condition of the chain too.

Other than that, just go over all the vital bolts (axles, brake caliper bolts, and such) with a torque wrench. Make sure they are all torqued corrrectly.

The weekly check thing is just to check out tire pressure, chain slack, see if anything looks out of the ordinary. Stuff like that.

With that being said, just go out and have fun.
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