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--- I'm looking into putting together a group buy for the "Bike Brace," and I need to know how many people would be in on the buy.

--- As you know the more people we have in on a group buy and lower the price for everyone.

--- What is the Bike Brace?
--- Bike Brace is the affordable alternative to traditional methods of motorcycle security. Bike Brace can be mounted on virtually any surface and fits most sport and touring bike applications. Engineered to defend against the most aggressive attackers, the Bike Brace is your best weapon against would-be motorcycle thieves.

--- The Bike Brace mounts easily and is convenient for daily use. All mounting hardware is included, as well as a heavy duty MASTER padlock with a 3/8" hardened extra length shackle.

--- Here are photos and the list price for each brace.

--- Brace with Arm Exention Guards $229 +$45 shipping. (This unit weighs 50 lbs)

--- Bike Brace $149 +$35 shipping (weight unknown)

Web site:

Please post up if you are in for the group buy so I can start putting this together.

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Portable my ass WTF!!!!

Who is going to be following you in a car holding on to that huge bitch:twofinger

The only good I see in it is Lag Bolt that bitch to my gerage floor and make it a bitch to steal your shit!!!!
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