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Best Starter Bike??

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Hello! I am new to the forums and have put alot of thought into getting a motorcycle. Mainly due to the fact that my brother has a ZX-6R. I was wondering what you more experienced riders would recomend. I know that beginning riders are recomend to get a 250cc or 500cc bike any recomendations to which ones?? I was also thinking about taking the MSF saftey course if I do decide to start riding.
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def yes to the msf. as for the starter bikes. yeah, 250 preferably, 500 is good. kinds? kawi make 250/500 that handle really good and are noob friendly but are ah, interesting looking. suzuki on the other hand makes a gs500 that is fully faired and actually looks like a sportbike (so it looks good), i don't have experience w/the gs, but i've been told it handles really well and is noob friendly as well. i wish i had started on the gs myself.

oh, btw, :twofinger (traditional sbn welcome)
Aprilia RS Cube, Colin says it's tame as a baby. :)

Only kidding of course, but the Ninja 250, Rebel 250, Ninja 500 or GS500 are all great options. Personally, I recommend learning on the dirt first so you can make your mistakes in a more forgiving environment.
There arent many small bikes to pick from and they are all good.
Aprilia makes some good little bikes now,

A 125 Tuono.
they make a 50 as well
go with the ex500 or the gs500f but if u want a used 500f wich is th emodel with the fairings u will probably have to wait untill next summer becuase they are new to 04
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