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Bell’s top of the line Star Carbon helmet is back for 2013 with a revised shape. The new shape is based on the RS-1, which was introduced after the Star, and featured an extremely well fitting intermediate oval headform. Other than the shape, the Star Carbon goes relatively unchanged, and retains all the features that made it so popular to begin with.

As with the previous Bell Star Carbon helmets, this version uses an outer shell that is made from 100% carbon fiber. Bell spent a great deal of time engineering the shell to be not only lightweight and strong, but very aerodynamic as well. What they came up with was an angular shape with a uniquely contoured spoiler, both of which make this helmet extremely stable and resistant to buffeting. Air is also directed into the variety of strategically placed vents at the front in order to push warm, stale air out through the exhaust vents at the back. All vents are independently adjustable so that you can dial in the ventilation for a variety of conditions.

Another feature that goes unchanged is the shield system. The Star Carbon uses their fog and scratch resistant NutraFog II face shield in order to keep your view clear. It’s also treated with a potent anti-UV coating so that you don’t have to worry about your face being burnt red after a day’s ride in the sun. Bell’s 3Mode Shield allows you to quickly lock the visor down, crack it open for added ventilation and swap out faceshields with no tools required. And don’t forget to ask about a Bell Transitions SolFX Photochromatic faceshield. These visors have the same great benefits of the included unit, but also change their tint based upon lighting conditions. They darken quickly (~10 seconds) when the sun is out for squint-free daytime riding.

The new Bell Star Carbon comes in three different styles - the Airtrix Laguna, which we posted earlier this month, the Race Day, and the Carbon Matte shown here.

If you would like to place an order, or get information on the Star Carbon Matte, or any other Bell helmet, you can get in touch with Brad through this forum or by calling 866.931.6644 ext. 810. Is email more convenient? Feel free to send those to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM and we’ll get back to you right away!

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