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Been gone a spell, hope to be back soon, here's why.

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With all that is going on with Phil I hesitate to write this. Those that remember me, know I sincerely wish him all the best. In July I was diagnosed with Malignant melanoma (skin cancer Internal) This all started right before Mrs Sniper and I were going to be building a house out near Phil. Had to sell the Goldwing and everything before canceling the house. I've had four brutal 1 week stints in the hospital for Chemo treatment and blood infections. Last ones for the year. So far is all is looking good as I have to end my 4 month retirement and go back to work on Monday the 2nd. All I can say is thank myself I signed up for a cancer policy at work back in 1993. Even the the new house bombed I'm feeling strong enough to return to normal life and maybe get a new to me bike in the near future.

Get well Phillip, I still need to race you at JGP!
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Thanks guys, yes a get together must be done, soon.
Kevin, I'm going to be at the field on Sunday to fly my 85" Yak-54 if you wanna go.
Ill see you there.
Cooool beans!!!!!
Hey man, Sherry informed me of everything going on, glad to you here your doing well enough to make it back to work ( which I'd imagine has to be pretty dang good ). At this point, I bet your actully feeling odd about being HAPPY to goto work. When I was out for 4 months, I couldn't wait to get back.

Good call on the C-plan at work.
Thanks, actually I was was getting used to being semi retired. The 5 day treatments were very brutal. I looked like I was sunburned gained 20 lbs of water weight, then threw up enough to go from 230lbs down to 208lbs. Not a real diet that I would recommend. Never been that sick in my life. Nurses waking you up every 4hrs to take temp and blood pressure and changing IV's. I'm now feeling as strong as I did before I started treatments, which is odd because I felt fine before hand. Very odd for having Stage 4b Melanoma. Don't know if it's in remission yet as scans were done on Thursday last week and won't be reviewed until the 12th.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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