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Who's planning on makin' the trip? I'm out this evening (pre-wedding details), but I thought I'd post a thread anyways, since there wasn't one yet.

To whoever makes it: eat a wing for me! :D


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There's been plenty of times when myself and on other SBNer showed up, so I don't wanna HEAR it.

A. It was raining here at 6:30
B. It rained again around 9ish
C. I've got a chest cold from sittin in the rain at the Pepsi 400.

So.... :a2 Cry me a river.

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I was at the lake at 7... started getting rained on.... waited around till 7:15 and went to beef's.... No one was really there so i left beef's around 7:45.. Damn Jon, if I had only checked SBN after I got out of the shower and before I left.
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