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This is from Beaver Run's site.

BeaveRun’s primary uses are motorsports training, racing and vehicle and component testing for street cars, race cars, karts and motorcycles. The North Track is ideally suited to high performance driver training and racing of all types; the Vehicle Dynamics area is well suited for autocrossing and teaching advanced street driving techniques. The Wilson Circuit, while designed and built primarily for kart racing, is wide and long enough to accommodate automotive and motorcycle driver training and demonstration events. Weekends are typically focused on high performance driving and racing events, while weekday use concentrates on street driver education, corporate programs, police training, teen driver education and product testing and evaluation.

BeaveRun's design reflects a world-class training, testing and motorsports facility that will meet the needs of both motor vehicle and component manufacturers and individual participants. Novice drivers as well as the most experienced enthusiasts will be challenged by the road courses. More importantly, the facility's level expansive run-offs and 36-foot track pavement provide unmatched safety.

The North Track, approximately 1.6 miles in length, is situated on gently rolling terrain that lends itself to a fast, flowing course without major elevation changes.

As can be seen in the Track Drawing, the North Track has significant straight sections and comparatively high-speed turns, yet it remains challenging to find the optimal line for a particular vehicle. Turn 7, with a blind entrance, and Turn 10, with dramatic speed change and rapid increase in elevation, are particularly challenging.

BeaveRun has been designed by Alan Wilson, an international motorsports facility designer and experienced racer. Mr. Wilson is one of the few professionals to have managed events for World Championship Formula I, Indy Car, IMSA, GTP, SCCA, Trans-Am and International Motorcycle Championships. He is also an SCCA-approved Official Track Safety Inspector. Before devoting full time to motorsports facility design, he was a national-level competitor in both car and motorcycle racing.

Mr. Wilson's design skills are clearly illustrated in his creation of driving facilities that capitalize on the topography of the land and remain devoted to safety.

Amenities include classrooms, restrooms, showers, an administration building. karting shop and food service. A new conference and classroom center, including additional public restroom and shower facilities, became operational in February of 2005. An off-road trail (rather scenic and over a mile in length) is available for corporate demonstration of SU's and other 4-wheel drive vehicles.
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