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BAZZAZ BPD ZFI Z-FI FUEL MAPPING KIT INJECTION TUNING The Bazzaz Z-Fi Fuel Control Unit takes operational command of all fuel injectors not just half like our competitors. This is a significant advantage in realizing the perfect tune, resulting in significantly better throttle response and overall engine performance.

Z-Fi is a plug and play unit that piggy-backs onto the stock ECU. Each unit comes with an application specific harness that utilizes OEM connectors for simple installation, and comes pre-programmed for either the stock exhaust or a slip-on.
Featuring a USB interface with industry recognized easy to use software, the Z-Fi can be tuned at the bike OR because the system can be USB powered, tuning can be done at a PC.

Tune to perfection. Use the Z-AFM self tuning module with the Z-Fi unit.

Price: $249.99

BAZZAZ ZFI-TC ZFI TRACTION CONTROL The Z-Fi TC (Fuel Control + Quick Shift + Traction Control) unit has all of the same features as the Z-Fi QS with the addition of user adjustable traction control.

The Z-Fi TC offers up traction control technology derived from the highest levels of professional racing to all levels of riders or racers desiring the ultimate in technology, pure fun and advantage over the competition. The Z-Fi TC does not require any additional sensors to be mounted to the bike. Because the Z-Fi TC provides such an advantage in performance it is not legal in some racing series but is legal for most competition.

Countless hours of racetrack testing and tuning were used to distill the complicated nature of this technology into a simple and intuitive tuning interface using the Z-Fi software. Traction control is easily adjusted by Throttle Position, RPM, and Gear to suit any track, riding condition and riding style. Currently the Z-Fi TC system is run by top Superbike teams around the world including Jordan Suzuki, M4 Monster Energy Suzuki, and others who run the system secretely and request not to be listed publicly. Now you can own the secret. Adjustments can be made 'on the fly' with an optional TC adjust switch, making tuning even more simple.


* All the same features of the Z-Fi QS
* State of the art Traction Control technology for faster lap times, better control, & more excitement
* Adjustable by Throttle Position, RPM and Gear for ideal performance
* Intuitive software interface for easy tuning
* Uses stock sensors only

Price: $623.50


The Z-Fi QS (Fuel Control + Quick Shift) integrates all the same features of the Z-Fi controller with a more advanced version of the popular Bazzaz QS4 Quick Shift all in one unit.

Customer feedback on the QS4 led Bazzaz to develop a new shift sensor for further improved reliability, which now also includes an application specific shift rod for ease of installation.

The Z-Fi QS unit employs race proven technology for seamless, full throttle, clutchless up shifting. Tune the Quick Shift with user adjustable, gear dependent kill times allowing for optimal shifting in all gears. Being able to tune with independent cut times for each shift point provides smoother, faster shifting, and less wear on the transmission compared to the competition, who by the way offers only one cut time resulting in premature transmission wear. The kit comes complete with control unit, harnessing, shift switch and shift rod.


* All the same features of the Z-Fi
* Full throttle, clutchless up shifting results in faster lap times & more fun
* Rugged shift sensor with application specific adapter rods for easy installation
* Gear dependent kill times for optimal shifting at all shift points.

Price: $568.50
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