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Bike: 1998 GSXR1100

Ok, so, this is my first GSRX although I have had a few bikes already and the first day I actually had it out I dropped it in a parking spot. I was just starting it up after leaving a store but I left it in 1st and it jumped ahead and fell on the left side. Nothing visible broke and it started up right away after I stood it back up and it seemed to run fine for most of the way home. After I was riding for about 5 minutes it started to be a little hesitant and not consistant in the throttle and as I got closer to home it got worse and worse. I made it home safely and let it sit for awhile while I was looking it over and when I tried to start it again about 10 minutes later there wasn't enough in the battery to turn it over just solenoid clicks but it will start with a boost. Also noticed that my headlights were not working hi or lo

- will start when boosted but can only drive short distances and still hesitant.
- voltage in the battery is good after charging and tests good on a load test battery tester and will start the bike right up but will slowly drain when bike is in use.
- voltage drop across the battery terminals occurs when cranking the engine and does not increase after the engine is running (not charging)
- there are 2 lines coming from the generator red and brown, the red has constant 12v when the battery is in and the brown has 12v when ignition is on and nothing when ignition is off.
- I pulled the generator and was about to test resistances but found out that I would have to unsolder a few connections and my little soldering iron just wouldn't do it, I will have to get this tested.
- the headlight plugs have power when tested with a volt meter but the lights will not come on, they work when tested with wires and a battery, but the power in the headlight plugs drops to nothing as soon as the lights are plugged into it which makes me think that maybe something is shorting to ground.

Sorry for the long post but I'm looking for possible ideas to what might cause this before I bring it to my mechanic.


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check your stator

You will be missed Shawn
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to me, it sounds as if it is not being charged properly. I agree with the stator.

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Read this:
Charging issues
Disconnected battery goes dead after sitting overnight
Charge battery overnight
Clean battery terminals
Check battery water level (the Walmart service free batteries run out of water)
Replace battery
Connected battery goes dead after sitting overnight (best checked with amp meter but if you don’t have one read on)
To find which circuit is draining battery disconnect battery negative terminal and notice if there is a spark
Start by pulling one fuse at a time until the spark is no more. This identifies the faulty circuit. Now start disconnecting components within the circuit until the spark is no more (ie, headlight bulb, turn signal bulb and so on and on)
Could be a small draw that is not evident, use amp meter or repeat electrical trouble shooting section

Battery goes dead during ride
If bike has permanent magnet (it will have 3 yellow wires coming from alternator cover).
Note: Check general condition of any visible wires unplug and replug connectors on charging circuit to clean off corroded terminals (its yanking at straws but sometimes it helps.
At 5k the bike should put out +14.5V at the battery
Check resistance of coils (maintenance manual helps here to get the proper ohms). Use voltmeter on AC setting and check output of each wire while bike runs(one voltmeter wire goes to yellow wire the other should be at ground). At about 5k RPM all of the 3 individual wires should read +50V. If not replace stator.
If stator checks OK see what the DC volts output is at the voltage regulator. Should be +14.5V at 5kRPM. If not replace regulator
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