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The current issue of the UK's bike magazine has a used bike comparision.
They bought 3 bikes, an 03 bandit 1200, and 01 FZ1 and an 01 ZRX1200.

They praised the bandit for its price, its ability to do everything a rider wanted, go 150 mph plus, tour, ride 2 people, do track days etc.
They said it wasnt pretty, but the piece of sh*t they bought had some cheap lower fairings, poorly painted installed, no the bike wasnt pretty.

What got my goat was they raved about the FZ1's power on top, yeah and 01model has it, I like the FZ but the new ones have f*cked fuel injection. I like the 01 but for all around sportbike I choose Bandit.

And durability, you can never beat Suzuki motors, the Bandit has been known to be cruising the road with over 100,000 miles on the clock (some UK delivery riders who ride all day all year).

But what got me the most is the ZXR won the comparison!
Thats two ton moster, yes its got a 115 hp 1200 motor, lots of torque down low, but its ugly (theres was a rare fairing version) and its heavy and its just plain huge, not the best bike for a tight road or killer traffic commute.

Its a shame my bike isnt exciting enough for them, yeah its no GSXR special edition, but with a few mods and ridden by the right guy, its all you canuse on the street. My poor bike did everything right and lost!

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Back in the July 2001 issue of Motorcyclist Magazine the Bandit 1200 finished 3rd to the ZRX1200R (2nd) and the FZ1 (1st).

They gave the Bandit kudos for its value (don't they all), but panned it in overall refinement and braking.
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