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Baltimore Bike Bash

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just wanted to let everyone know about the event.sept. 5-"04" Ravens Stadium lot H opens at 10am there will be a motercycle stunt show wet t-shirt con. live DJ food/vendors also car show. and best of all it's sportbike oriented!!! I found out about it at the carlisle bike fest in PA...Need more info check out SEE YOU THERE almost forget would anyone like to organize a group ride down to Bmore?
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I would be interested in going with a group.

PM me and let me know whats going on.Can prolly get a couple of people to go. Cya
well i have one person that might go and we have three here i think it would be fun if we could get a bunch more people from PA to go with us.We need to pick a place two meet.
well here's the directions I-83 South (towards Baltimore) to Lombard Street, turn right. Turn left (south) onto Greene Street. The stadium is on the left. there is a few people meeting at sheetZ in hanover pa 10:00am feel free to join up with us peace
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