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Bad Parenting... another email

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Here's another one I got.....


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Aw dude, that's sad :(

Kinda funny, but still sad :(
hahahaa.... ...
another re-post... cute
thats farkin funny, so did the just fall in randomly or did they fall in immediately?
lol i am sure they are ok, that is funnie
I love that one, it is great each time. Just like this one.....


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Hey...I went to high school in Evans, GA...lived in Martinez....'course I graduated a year before your punk-a$$ was born (depressing) how is it a 15yo has a bike?
BTW, nice bike...wish I could have had a bike at your careful!....actually probably good that I didn't have one....def would have been pushing daisies........
I wish I knew what she was thinking.

Something like

You dumb duck,yer just like your father.
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