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Hello folks, been off for a while and good to see some activity here....

I come back on as a result of a POOR experience with a local shop and in need of a Carb specialist....

LONG story short and with the caveat that I have nil mechanical skills.

The bike is a 2005 FZ1 Ivans jet kit AIS removed and needs a carb rebuild. it was running poor from idle to about 4k, and now has developed a fuel leak. The FZ board has diagnosed it as the O rings....

The shop story:
SO, I take it to local formerly reputable (now remaining unnamed) an will not bore the details with this board but;

Request was, just get it running smooth

I did NOT ask for it to take 8 days after promised (even though I took it in 5 days early) NOR did I ask it to be scratched up by the tank mount, frame, edge of motor.......GGRRRRRRRRRRRRR

So I am looking for someone that can get it running right and is careful to not do any more damage. quoted by the shop when dropping off "that is a clean bike"......I would have never thought it would come out of the shop worse than it went in...

Sorry for the rant for my "back on board" post, but heartbroken my bike is still not right and scratched up

So what say ye' board

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I'll be honest with you,,
It's probably better if you just buy a new set of carbs. It's not hard to rebuild a set of carbs. I mean not hard at all. Jigsaw puzzles are more complicated and I'm sure you've put one of those together at some point in your life.

Again choices:
1). Buy new
2). Rebuild yourself
3). Local Shops
- Sky (ask for Ray)
- Race Connections (ask for Phucker)
(407) 963-7588

Good luck.
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