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Awesome Flic

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If Hollywood gets it right.... The Fur Traders...... :eek:nfloor


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RugbyCanada said:
already seen it. Great mountain views, real nice shot of the valleys, but over all, I found the middle part to stink a little. But, there was a great scene where they go beaver hunting, and the blonde gets hit in the face with a moose knuckle. It wasnt as bad as the whole axe wound incident, but was still pretty scary. I did find the part where her husband gave her a pearl necklace after their first fight was weird, but hey, she took it in the end. Speaking of which, the ending didnt suck, and thats pretty good, considering how unrealistic it was when her horse died, and she asked her girlfriend for a hand or two.
To sum up my impressions, the acting was good, but the music would have suited another movie. I was very entertained by the tongue lashing her girlfriend gave her in the end, but I found the race across town with the camels didnt make any sense. By the way.....did anybody see the size of the camel toe on that thing??
I stopped reading this b/c I might want to see it. Lol. seemed like you were telling us what happened in the movie.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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