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Hey Everyone! LOWER PRICES, no more discount code madness, just good prices, ALL the time!! :)

Here's a last minute post for this weekends track days. Hope some of you can make it out there on such short notice! It's going to be an AWESOME weekend!

Registration for Friday 05/17/2013: click here
Registration for Saturday 05/18/2013: click here
Registration for Sunday 05/19/2013: click here

1. We still have a few Level III spaces for Friday at $179.00

2. Saturday we have a few Level I, Level II, and Level III spots for Saturday at $229.00

3. Sunday we have a few Level I and a few Level III spots for $229.00.

4. These are great prices and we have AGAIN reduced group sizes to keep it from being over crowded.

5. Weather for Friday is in the upper 70's, Saturday 81, and Sunday upper 80's

And always be sure to check out our Facebook page!! We have monthly free track day raffles and more!
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