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I've installed an Audiovox cruise control on my RF900 and took it out for a test ride and.........nothing!!! All wires check out, vacuum, checks out, did the troubleshoot according to the Audiovox install manual, and the only conclusion I can come up with is that I'm not getting a proper tach signal to the servo. I've tried hooking it to my tach(which has three wires.... black/red, black/white, orange) I've tried both black/red and the orange, but not the black with white because I thought it was a ground wire. There are some of the light bulbs with the black/white wires.

I've removed the tach connection wire from the tach and used the wire blade tap, and tapped on to the orange wire of left coil for the blue wire(tach signal wire) and still nothing!! I've double and triple checked my connections(all soldered and shrink wrapped), two ground connections, 12 volt connections, both constant and switched, and the brakelight connection as well as the vacuum; at this point, I'm stumped!!! The control pad lights up when the ignition is on and turns off when I switch the ignition off or when I hit the "off" switch of the control pad......I even have a switch for my parking lights and when I hit them, the control pad lights up.

Can you guys help me out???

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