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My tickets just arrived this week, and I got the Oakland (Sep. 12) and Cincinatti (Oct. 3) games. Problem is that I have a track event the weekend of the Oakland game, and I'm traveling to Pgh just for the game, so it's not feasible to even do Saturday at the track and go to the game on Sunday. I will back out of the track event if I have to (or just do Friday), but I'd prefer to trade tickets with someone for a different game.

Any game other than Cincinatti, and any seats are acceptable. I have two tickets in section 527, row X, seats 1&2. I'm including a seating map so that you can see where they are. I know that they're pretty high up in the closed endzone, but I've sat near there before, and you really can see everything.

Anyway, if you can help or know of someone who's interested, please PM me ASAP. I need to make flight reservations very soon if I'm going to the game.


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